Pi Day Wedding Photography: Kelley + Joel at Portland's Cathedral Park

I’ll admit it: at first, I didn’t really understand why Joel and Kelley were getting married at 9:27 in the morning. It just seemed so early. But they were carrying the Pi Day wedding theme to the last decimal they could – 3.14.15, 9:27am – and you just have to admire that kind of commitment. So I met up with them (and Joel’s lovely parents) at Portland’s beautiful Cathedral Park bright and early so that we could take some photos before the ceremony. It was rainy and a little bit chilly, but the light was just right and the happy couple were just adorable. I was honored to be a part of their beautifully intimate wedding ceremony. And afterwards, when they went off to have a delicious celebratory lunch at Salty’s, I went home and took a nap. So a pretty perfect day all around. Congratulations, you two!