Urban Rooftop Wedding Photography - Rowan + Ryan at the Portland Ecotrust

Rowan and Ryan had a small wedding ceremony in a field somewhere, weeks before I got to spend the evening with them for their Ecotrust Rooftop wedding reception. So this beautiful evening was just for eating, drinking, dancing, and celebrating with friends and family. I love all of those things, and I love the light on the Ecotrust Rooftop, so it was fine and dandy by me.

Congratulations on your lovely wedding, Rowan + Ryan!

Catering: Chefstable
Bar Service: Merit Badge
Cupcakes: Back to Eden
Decorations: Something Borrowed
Music: Stumptown DJs
Bride’s dress: Elizabeth Dye
Groom’s clothing: Collier, Boglioli
Wedding bands and bride’s earrings: Blaque Reily, Portmanteau Jewelry