Alyson is magical! I would recommend her to everyone! What drew me to her company when I was looking for a photographer for my wedding was the diversity of people she's photographed and her poetic eye--she clearly was looking at her subjects in creative ways and putting them in creative settings. I was lucky when Alyson was available for our date since we only had two months to plan our small wedding. Our initial phone conversation helped me think even beyond the photos--Alyson has so much wedding experience (all different shapes and sizes and flavours) that we talked about many other details and timelines. This graciousness with her time continued on our wedding day. She arrived early and stayed late! She had also scouted out interesting locations for photos near where we were getting ready and near the ceremony/reception. Her kindness and professionalism and creativity continued beyond the wedding day as she created such a beautiful wedding album for us. Beyond all the details, everyone at our wedding had such a wonderful time working with Alyson. I'm so happy that she was part of our wedding day.

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