Nothing short of a phenomenal experience with Alyson Levy Photography. Our destination civil ceremony in NYC was too distant to scout out locations for our photo shoot in person. No issue though - Alyson put together a collection of photo inspiration ideas, consulted with us for our preferences, and contacted locals for their input as well. Lots of communication for weeks and months ahead of time, which was something we really appreciated. By the time we arrived in the city, we had a plan and a schedule to follow that was both rigid enough to keep us on track but flexible enough to include sunset and landmark photos that we'd try for if we had extra time, energy, or the perfect conditions. On the wedding day itself, Alyson arrived bright and early and stuck with us through a long but very fun day. She adapted well to rapidly changing situations (e.g. candid street shots, subway pictures) and maintained a lighthearted, casual, and incredibly friendly attitude all day long. Her smile and warm words of encouragement helped us maintain the laughter and joy of the wedding ceremony straight through to the last picture, as our final album bears witness. After the event, Alyson was quick to collect a small selection of moments for us to share with so many who couldn't be there in person. The complete set of pictures came later and so perfectly captured the day that we experience the emotion of the wedding all over again each time we view them. As her portfolio can attest, Alyson shoots incredible scenes with her clients, but she also has an eye for the little details that make a moment even more memorable - the sideways glance of a passer-by, a unique mural or architectural accent that could be meaningful to the couple, a mixture of stylized and natural poses that fit the surroundings, the unique position of a decoration or ring that would have otherwise escaped notice. We couldn't be happier with the results: a rich set of pictures that beautifully document one of the happiest days of our lives. We highly recommend Alyson Levy Photography. Her work ethic, personality, and eye for the perfect shot left us with memories that we'll cherish for a lifetime.