You need to hire Alyson Levy! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with her as my engagement shoot and wedding photographer. She is talented, professional, and so easy to get along with. Bonus: she gives clients complete rights to the pictures so you can save a lot of money printing them yourself. My engagement session was really fun; I highly recommend doing one. Not only were the pictures insanely beautiful (we did it at Lower MacLeay Park), but also, the shoot gave us the opportunity to get to know Alyson and to get comfortable posing and kissing in front of a camera. This proved really useful later! Alyson was truly exceptional the day of the wedding. She fit right in and hung out with me and my girlfriends while we were getting ready. Since we were having so much fun I actually had no idea she was taking pictures that whole time. Those candid getting ready pictures are some of my favorites. During family photos, which I hear can be quite chaotic, Alyson did an excellent job directing everyone and the whole deal went really smoothly. We actually had an extra hour between pictures and the ceremony! During this hour, Alyson hung out with me, my very-soon-to-be husband, and my dad in the Pearl, taking some incredible photos and being a very relaxing presence as my nerves ramped up before the ceremony. Since I didn’t have bridesmaids she actually did quite a lot of extra stuff for me. She put my veil on, held my wristlet, got me water, bought me a brownie from Lovejoy Bakers(!)… I simply cannot express the level of gratitude I have for Alyson. I would have been seriously lost without her. And the pictures! My wedding day was the most full-of-love day I’ve ever lived in my life. This, mind you, is coming from someone who had wanted to elope! I cannot describe in words how that day felt for me. Because of the pictures Alyson took, I don’t have to! Every emotion was captured. That’s the thing that’s really special about Alyson… Yes, she took beautiful pictures of the tiny details that I had agonized over in the weeks preceding the wedding, but more importantly, she really captured the human element at my wedding. If someone cried, there’s a picture of it. If someone threw their head back in laughter, there’s a picture of it. These pictures do more than chronicle a day. They truly embody the feeling of the day. I just couldn’t ask for more.